Gel Amani Sport

Gel Amani Sport

A proven organic liquid to stop muscle and joint pain especially for knee pain. Original created for muslim’s who has knee pain during performing solat. Now most runners is using Gel Amani for faster knee pain relief.



Ingredient : Ultrez 30, Menthol, Camphor, Mulsifant, TEOA, PG, Actin Heat & Cinnamon Oil
Distributed by : Wasima Wafa Sdn Bhd


1. Apply gel to pain area
2. Leave the applied area open within 10 minutes
3. Use at least 3 times per day

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1. Pos Laju  ( Peninsular Malaysia )
RM99.00 per bottle + RM6.00 Delivery
RM170 for 2 bottle + RM6.00 Delivery ( apply discount code GAS2B in the Payment Form )

2. Pos Laju  ( Sabah, Sarawak )
RM99.00 per bottle + RM8.00 Delivery
RM170 for 2 bottle + RM8.00 Delivery ( apply discount code GAS2B in the Payment Form )



1. Buy more to get discounted price
2. Refer to the senangPay Payment Form
3. Insert the discount code GAS2B for 2 bottle
4. The GAS2B (gel amani sport 2 bottle) discount code is only applicable for 2 bottle only.
5. If you want to buy more than 2 bottle with more discounted price, email